Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Butterfly Jewelry Box

Here is a beautiful jewelry box made by my wonderfully creative dad - -

     My dad mentioned that it was a 'struggle' to make this butterfly. His comment reminded me of the metamorphosis process it takes to reach that beautiful butterfly stage - the wonder and miracle of eggs being laid, the hatching of the egg into a caterpillar, the struggle of the transition stage of  that caterpillar in the chrysalis which leads to the breakthrough of a beautiful butterfly.
     May I dare compare it as a possible amazing picture analogy of our lives. (I realize this is very simplistic in comparison to the real miracle that takes place.)We are created by the Great Creator God, Elohim. As the egg is fertilized by the sperm life begins and that fertilized egg settles in the endometrial lining of the uterus/womb (egg stage). In the womb we are connected to our mother by the umbilical cord which feeds and nourishes us. We  continue to grow and our bodies gradually develop (caterpillar stage). Over time we settle into the birthing position. At just the right moment we are pushed down the birth canal and burst out into the unfamiliar cold air of the the world, taking our first gulp of air outside of the womb that has provided and protected us for 9 months (butterfly stage). We, like the butterfly, take on the flight of 'lif'e!
     The analogy of the metamorphosis of the butterfly can also be applied to our lives as Christians. We are born (egg stage) and live life for ourselves (caterpillar stage). We come to the realization of a void in our life  as we struggle to find meaning (Chrysalis stage). We eventually came to recognize Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior - we become born again and are a "new creation' (butterfly stage). We now live life for Him. Amazing!

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