He Is an Awesome God
(Poem using 63 song titles)
by Laurie C.   5/19/2010  

You were Crucified, now I Am Free
From the East to West I am Forgiven
In The Hands Of God, Healing Begins
He is With You, Mighty To Save

I will Praise You In This Storm
It Is You, Right Here, Forever.
By Your Side, Safe.
I Walk By Faith

I don’t want to just go through The Motions
I want to Shine In His Love.
Desiring to Dive and go Deeper.
Your Grace Is Enough.

What Faith Can Do. Turn Your Eyes On Jesus.
I’m Not Who I was, held in Shackles
Because of His Amazing Grace
I Am Free

How Great Is Our God. I Believe.
Majesty, Glorious, Indescribable.
I Can Only Imagine
You Are So Good To Me, You Are Everything.

Who Am I? In The Hands Of God I will Arise
You Are My King.
We are Made To Worship You Alone.
You are the Voice Of Truth
Your Name is a Strong Tower, Blessed Be Your Name

Lord, Give Me Your Eyes
What Do I Know Of Holy?
You are Everything Glorious, an Everlasting God.
I Will Lift My Eyes and Walk By Faith.

Word Of God Speak Until The Whole World Hears
One Of These Days, A City On Our Knees.
I anxiously Wait And See This Man
There Will Be A Day when I am Back In His Arms Again.

Hallelujah! Let The Heavens Rejoice!

©2010 Laurie McCullough Cheesebrew

I Am Clothed
by Laurie C.  3/15/2010

You, clothed in spender and majesty
Humbled and lowered yourself for me.

Clean and forgiven through the shedding of Your blood,
The perfect, spotless Lamb, God’s own beloved Son.

A wretched sinner, desperate and lost,
My sin you captured upon that cross.

Now I’m forgiven, a new creation in You.
You’ve clothed me in finest linen, bright and clean too.

Your robe of righteousness dipped in blood
King of kings, Lord of lords, You are the One!

©2010 Laurie McCullough Cheesebrew

Your Eyes
      By Laurie C. 7/3/09

For the lives of the unborn and the elderly,
Lord, give me Your eyes.

For those deemed ‘undesirable’
Lord, give me Your eyes.

For the hurt, lost and lonely,
Lord, give me Your eyes.

For those who are hateful and hurtful,
Lord, give me Your eyes.

For those I want to shun,
Lord, give me Your eyes.

For fellow sinners,
Lord, give me Your eyes.

Keep me from manipulating/controlling/changing others,
Lord, give me Your eyes.

In my fears and doubts,
Lord, give me Your eyes.

For my husband, children and grandchildren
Lord, give me Your eyes.

For leaders of this nation,
Lord, give me Your eyes.

For world leaders,
Lord, give me Your eyes.

Change my earthly perspective,
Lord, give me Your eyes.

Until that glorious day when I see you face to face
Lord, give me Your eyes

©2009 Laurie McCullough Cheesebrew

by Laurie C.  5-10-09

Childhood; filled with innocence, trust, vulnerability
Loving, laughter, fun, exploring, ever learning.

All snug in a bed, feeling safe and sound asleep 
Pure dreaming turns to a nightmare that sinks deep.

Defenseless to protect self from the assail of assault.
A loved family member, a trusted adult. 

In self-seeking sin, sexual abuse thoughtlessly carried out.
An innocent, wrongly, terribly used, too terrified to cry out.

I’ll turn away and pretend I’m sleeping, but I struggle
I go off into a safe place of invisibility and forgetfulness.

In the morning two adults in whom this child’s trust was placed
“Do you remember anything?” they ask a fear filled face.

“No.” is the reply from a hurt child, scared and now broken
They strangely offer a new toy to play with as their guilt token.

No longer a carefree child as God intended, innocence stolen.
The future forever changed; shattered, splintered and broken.

Years of wondering if anyone could tell the hidden past
Not wanting to stand out or be different or an outcast.

The years of denial and building the walls high, self-protecting
Keeping the big, dark secret, emotions suppressed, untrusting.

The weight of the burden getting too much to carry and hold.
Holding my first born infant, sobbing, finally admitting the truth;
the secret had to be told.

The timing right God spoke to my heart in words so clear
“I know he hurt you but you are my precious child so dear.”

“I did not leave you alone during those cruel, abusive times
I was right there beside you, tears flowing from my eyes.”

“I gave man the freedom of choice and sometimes he chooses bad.
Oh, to see my innocent children suffer makes me the most sad.

“I love you more than you can comprehend.  I have a plan.
One of hope, with a future healed from a past of pain.
I will help you move beyond the anger, fear, guilt and shame.

I heal the brokenhearted, bind up wounds, tend to suffering souls
Through faith in my Son you shall be set free and made whole.”

Because of His great love, forgiveness, faithfulness and divine healing
I’m becoming who He designed, fulfilling my destiny with renewed meaning.

©2009 Laurie McCullough Cheesebrew

Longing for Home
By Laurie C.  4/28/2009

I do the things I do not want
I don’t do what I should
No matter how I try
I just can’t always be good.

Sin pulls me drowning into the darkest sea
Who can save such a wretch like me?
Jesus bore the sins of all mankind
No greater love will we ever find.

The gift of salvation, He paid the cost
He endured unthinkable suffering for the lost.
Hung on the cross, his life he gave away
He died, was buried and rose the third day.

In Christ alone I’ll trust and find
A Savior who gives sight to the blind.
My sins redeemed, no longer found.
His absolute forgiveness continually abounds.

For an exalted body I’ll give up any earthly wealth
A deepening longing as this temporal body declines in health.
Because of His sacrifice, love, mercy and grace
All eternity to gaze upon His glorious face.

He’s preparing a mansion just for me
Oh the splendor of His presence I long to see.
My hands lifted high in worship and praise
Home with my Savior, the Ancient of Days.

To Him who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb,
be blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever and ever.

©2009 Laurie McCullough Cheesebrew


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